1100 Frank Road Columbus, OH 43223 614-517-7461
6239 South High St Lockbourne, OH 43137 614-437-9666

About Global Auto Leasing LLC


Welcome to Global Auto Leasing LLC. We are a family-owned and operated automotive dealership. We have been in business for almost 10 years, and have created our own route to selling vehicles to customers.

We originally began as a dealer to dealer wholesale company. Shortly after, we realized that wholesale pricing directly to consumers was a better option for both the consumer and our company. Achieving high volume sales became our goal at that point. While a normal dealer will not spin a deal for less than $1500 profit, our niche became spinning deals for $500 to beat competitor pricing.

Upon getting our volume of sales up to a certain threshold, new car dealerships began to reach out to supply us with their trade-in vehicles. By cutting out the auctions due to our new suppliers, we were able to make our cars cheaper for our end users.

Selling cars as cheap as we can to our consumers allows us to thrive in the competitive market and beat our competitors on pricing. For our customers, we can cash cars from as low as $500, up to $5000. We also offer bank financing for credit scores as low as 450. If those options are not feasible for our clients, we also provide a buy here - pay here payment structure in-house. Because our business is family-owned and operated, we try to be hands-on and personable with each and every client.

Be sure to visit our virtual showroom that displays the inventory available for purchase. Within that, you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about the specific vehicle in question.

We are proud to offer two separate locations to fit your travel needs. Our original location is located at 1100 Frank Road Columbus, OH 43223, and is available by phone at 614-517-7461. Our newest location is at 6239 S. High St. Lockbourne, OH 43137, and is reachable at 614-437-9666. On our website, all driving directions and hours of service are readily available to you.

We hope to make your car-buying experience a breeze, and we can’t wait to help you soon.